From neo-liberal right to socialist left: a question of attitude?

As a brief follow-on from my previous post, it is useful to note that in some ways there is not huge ground between the neo-liberal right and socialist left in their view of how the capitalist economy can be managed. The former generally says no to progressive reform and believes that all is best and harmonious in the outcomes in society produced by the system, while the latter claim that reform has limits and that the system is beset with injustice, conflict and crises which are inevitable under capitalism. The neo-liberals believe that all is well unless the state interferes in any way other than to promote free markets, while the socialists believe that all is certainly not well, and that the system must be replaced. Therein lies the difference. For the neo-liberals, the problems are the result of state intervention, while for the socialists, they are innate to the system. But in their attitude to capitalism, both are somewhat market-fundamentalist and sceptical of reform. It seems to be more a question of attitude towards the outcomes produced by the capitalist mode of production.


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