This blog is now linked to twitter

twitter-logo-vector-downloadJust to let followers of this blog know that I recently signed up to twitter and all posts from this blog (apart from this one!) will be linked to my feed @nickj_econ. I will also be posting links, comments etc in addition to the blog posts, on topics of relevance to the main, admittedly quite eclectic, themes of the blog.

Re twitter itself, I am learning as I go, but I am following numerous economists, think-tanks, and organisations, from local to global, and relevant to economics, politics and development. Hopefully there will be much of interest to comment on and share.

Even if you are not signed up to twitter, my feed is still publicly available, and this will continue, unless it subsequently proves a problem. To view it, simply got to the twitter homepage, click on the search icon and type in nickj_econ

Best wishes and thanks for your continuing interest.


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