Reviving UK manufacturing, Brexit and the future of Labour

A short interview with businessman, economist and Labour party donor John Mills, on reviving manufacturing in the UK and its role in rebalancing the economy and improving economic performance, which I have written about recently. He also comments on the likely outcomes of Brexit and the fortunes of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

2 thoughts on “Reviving UK manufacturing, Brexit and the future of Labour

  1. Thanks for this highly instructive interview; a lot of substance squeezed into 8 minutes.

    Also, the exchange reminds me of another very important point made by Ha-Joon Chang in his “23 Things …”, from where I quote –

    Click to access We%20dont%20live%20in%20a%20post-industrial%20era.pdf

    ” … the shrinkage of the relative weight of the manufacturing sector has a negative impact on productivity growth. As the economy becomes dominated by the service sector, where productivity growth is slower, productivity growth for the whole economy will slow down. Unless we believe (as some do) that the countries experiencing de-industrialization are now rich enough not to need more productivity growth, productivity slowdown is something that countries should get worried about
    – or at least reconcile themselves to.”

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