Richard Wolff – Is Amazon the #1 threat to jobs?

In this 12 minute interview, economist Richard Wolff discusses a range of current issues, including Amazon’s threat to jobs, the stock market under Trump, and the repeal of Obamacare. He is definitely informative, as well as somewhat entertaining in his (what I might term) ‘vigorous’ delivery.


2 thoughts on “Richard Wolff – Is Amazon the #1 threat to jobs?

  1. Retail is the great democracy! Millions vote every day on the way they want to shop. If everyone stopped shopping with Amazon it would close within a fortnight, so it isn’t some big plot, it is the will of ‘the people’. However it may well need some regulation to constrain its power – see this week’s Economist for a big feature about this….

    • Thanks for the comment. Of course I shop at amazon, and appreciate what it has to offer. I read the Economist article and think the video similarly highlights that excessive corporate power can be damaging. Wolff also made the point about the disruptive social effects of technological change, which a country like the US seems not to manage very well. Jobs are lost, jobs are created, but the people who lose out are often different from the people who gain, so there is a debate to be had, not about preventing change, but managing it.

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