David Harvey on the persistence of neoliberalism

David Harvey is a distinguished professor of Anthropology and Geography at the City University of New York Graduate School. He has written extensively on aspects of Marxist political economy, including a number of popular books and guides to Marx’s Capital.

In the first part of this interview with the Real News Network he discusses the persistence of neoliberalism despite its manifold failures.

One thought on “David Harvey on the persistence of neoliberalism

  1. Defining neoliberalism will get very difficult if everything is viewed as neoliberal. The extreme nationalism associated with Trump and Brexit clashes with some of the neoliberal structures and policies. Neoliberalism is best viewed as a set of evolving neoliberalisms, but there are clearly forms of authoritarian economic governance which disrupt trade and undermine uneven neoliberal globalisation that cannot reasonably be put in the set of neoliberal things. The crisis of neoliberalism was the Great Recession, and I would argue that the term is losing its descriptive power. To be fair, Harvey identifies the populism of the right, but he seems to be pushing the concept of neoliberalism beyond its explanatory value; if capitalism can be viewed as having distinct phases, his analysis seems to be oddly behind the curve.

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