Digits won’t replace states — Emergent Economics

I’m all for new technologies that subvert convention — but i’m cautiously sceptical about this piece on new multilateralism from Anne-Marie Slaughter in the Financial Times. I love the sentence “while antediluvian men strut back and forth on the world stage beating their chests, a different kind of multilateralism may be on the horizon.” Slaughter […]

via Digits won’t replace states — Emergent Economics

2 thoughts on “Digits won’t replace states — Emergent Economics

  1. Dodgy generalities repeating the (characteristically abstract) pipe dreams of the today’s regressive left which are entirely contrary to what the left used to stand for; unsurprisingly the piece concludes with a confession of shameless racism:

    “I hope that a new form of multilateralism is on the horizon, but in the meantime, unfortunately, the antediluvian white men will continue to strut.”

    For more on what the left used to stand for: https://socialdemocracy21stcentury.blogspot.com/2016/01/extreme-multiculturalism-versus-liberal.html

  2. What the so-called (or regressive) left doesn’t understand is that power seeks efficient forms, so there will always be a strong tendency for power to organise itself as a state, which is the evolved structure of maximal power.

    Multicultural alternatives to the state are a pipe dream; undemocratic supranational designs like the EU will tend toward the shape of a national state, only one of a less efficient and less citizen-friendly kind.

    Now that the ill-conceived monetarist design of the EU (so loved by the so-called left) is facing ever-increasing contradictions, the EU-bureaucrats rediscover fiscal policy, a function of the national state which hitherto has been missing on the level of the EU. So the supranational Leviathan is set to become more like a nation state, only with less democratic accountability. Wow, what an achievement after decades of crisis, stagnation and a treacherous early honeymoon phase!

    What the inhabitants of the Left Pole (every step away from which making you a right-winger) share with Marxism is a complete lack of insight into the role of power in human communities.

    They share the Marxist conceit that having it their way eliminates the difficult trade-offs and problematic and dangerous aspects of power relationships between human beings.

    History teaches us that an inordinately high price is to be paid for such a conceit, which is ideological par excellence in the sense of my definition of ideology: it is abstract enough to look good, yet too abstract to reveal its real dimensions.

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