About this site

This blog is concerned with economics. The Political Economy of Development describes the evolution of the economy, in countries both rich and poor, and in the world at large, the effects of this on humanity and how we can contribute to the difficult balancing of economic efficiency, individual liberty and social justice through better policies.

Having taken my MSc at SOAS, I favour an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, drawing on politics, sociology, history and philosophy, and sometimes psychology, biology and physics to better inform my ideas. This puts me in the heterodox or non-mainstream camp, as I believe this produces a richer and more informative analysis of the economic in society. Despite this, I am happy to draw on mainstream neoclassical economics when it proves useful.

I try to go beyond particular ideologies and one-sided arguments and focus on multiple viewpoints, aiming to draw general conclusions and suggest theory and policy which can be applied in a variety of contexts.

I read extensively, and post on topics that inspire me. Sometimes these will be theoretical, at other times they will be directly concerned with policy issues. I try to always focus on ideas that have a practical application to problems in real economies and societies. I also try to keep any technical content to a minimum, using the written word rather than equations to describe theories, unless they are simple enough for most people to grasp. Where appropriate, I provide links to definitions of particular terms.

Generally I will try and post one longer or in-depth post each week, as well as a quote or extract relating to economics that particularly inspires me or with which I sympathise. I will also try and post a video, and sometimes repost articles from other relevant blogs.

I welcome comments, particularly those which encourage further discussion and debate, but will delete any inflammatory or time-wasting remarks.

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