Memoirs of an erratic Marxist – via Michael Roberts blog

Yanis Varoufakis once described himself as an ‘erratic Marxist’. This heterodox economist became the finance minister in the Syriza-led Greek government during the most intense period of the Greek debt crisis when the Greeks were trying to avoid severe austerity measures being imposed by the Troika of the EU group, the IMF and the ECB […]

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Austerity and Germany’s Social Democrats – via econoblog101

Many of my European friends ask me about Martin Schulz and the success of social-democrats at the polls. Since they are progressive, they hope for reforms in the eurozone to curb mass unemployment, stellar youth unemployment and social problems that exist in many crisis countries. I always had my doubts if Martin Schulz was the […]

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Varoufakis: the Eurogroup is a bit like sausages

In this brief clip, former finance minister of Greece and ‘rock star’ economist Yanis Varoufakis describes the dysfunctional and undemocratic nature of the Eurogroup. Varoufakis is an entertaining speaker and is pushing for greater democracy in the EU with his Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 or DiEM25.