I count among my intellectual influences a large number of economists, some of whom are listed below. Many are from what is broadly termed the Post-Keynesian school, and there are some Marxists and development economists. I don’t consider myself a socialist and I remain open-minded about what sort of capitalism is possible that combines economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty. I regard both Paul Ormerod and Michael Pettis as quite flexible politically. Click on the names to read more about them.

Ha-Joon Chang
Ben Fine
Wynne Godley
Geoff Harcourt
Nicholas Kaldor
Michal Kalecki
Steve Keen
John Maynard Keynes
Mushtaq Khan
Richard Koo
Karl Marx
Hyman Minsky
Paul Ormerod
Michael Pettis
Joan Robinson
Michael Roberts
Robert Rowthorn
Amartya Sen
Anwar Shaikh
Ajit Singh

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